Here’s Where It’s At

Looking for healthy, simple and inspiring recipes? I’ve got you covered. Here are some of my favorite food recipes sites. I’ll also share the things I make in my own kitchen, here in Athens, Greece.

The Bee Lake – A Healthy Recipe Journal 

Creator Erin Asaad –  we spent our early childhood days together playing around with our siblings – has amazingly tasty, easy and healthy recipes. I wish I could have her as my personal chef! Check out her recipes by clicking the link above.

Our Nourished Table 

Creator Amy Gartenberg – my beloved friend and vinyasa + vino partner – yoga + wine, not the other way around – is all about coaching, cooking, and community. She’s also a writer and a huge inspiration to me, in all facets of her life. Check out her weekly recipes in her blog.

From My Home

Homemade Peanut Butter 

I learned this recipe from my partner’s aunt, Vana, who was born a raised in Kalamata, Greece and has hands of gold.


1 bag unsalted peanuts (no skin)

~1 tbsp organic honey

~1 tbsp organic olive oil

~1 pinch Himalayan salt


Add peanuts to food processor, mix until fully chopped. Pause and stir the nuts around to make sure they are evenly chopped, and mix some more. Slowly and gradually add olive oil, mix. Add, honey and salt, mix. Mix until your likeness of thickness. Jar, refrigerate and enjoy!

I love my peanut butter with dark chocolate!


More to come…!