“I’m not so great at understanding exactly what it is I want or need, but Becca is a great listener, calming to talk to and someone who can see the bigger picture even when you feel totally stuck. She was able to help me decipher and identify my goals based on all my ramblings! She also gave me lots of baby steps to make my goals more manageable.

The biggest change in my life since entering Becca’s program has been living out healthy habits – especially in the evenings when I’m tempted to be a TV-binging sloth! Not to say I don’t watch TV anymore at all, but now there are a lot more baths, books and unplugging involved, too. She helped me learn how to make time for myself and explore various methods of relaxing and de-stressing, which isn’t an easy task with a toddler and a baby on the way.

The most significant change has been feeling less like I’m in constant ‘survival mode’ and instead being much more productive – like whoa! I’ve always been pretty organized and on top of things but adding more balance to my life has made a huge impact. I manage to get more work done and also have more time for relaxing, cooking and playing with my kiddo – it’s like Becca’s expertise gave me more hours in the day! Um, thank you!”

– Jenny, Portland, Oregon


“At a time in my life when I so desperately needed and wanted a healthier perspective, Becca was there wholeheartedly to teach me. What I have learned over the past year about my relationship with food, nutrition, self-love and acceptance has proven to be one of the most invaluable gifts I have ever received. I am incredibly hopeful and at peace now because I have a guide who is not only knowledgable but also (and most importantly to me!) kind and understanding while I begin this lifelong journey of appreciating and taking care of my body.”

– Dianna, London, UK