I Got A Health Coach! – Why I Decided To Working With A Health Coach Even Though I’m A Health Coach

Yes, even a health coach needs a health coach. Everyone can benefit from support, accountability, and a little one-on-one coaching, because who doesn’t have goals, dreams, and a habits they want to build.

I was scrolling Instagram – a tool that can have great power or suck the time out of my day – and came across Lauren Nicole Chavez – if you’re into podcasts you gotta check out hers, Badass B In A Pod. She was looking for someone in the wellness field to experience her coaching program. When a door opens, I usually run through it, and decide after if its right or not, because the door doesn’t stay open forever. So, I immediately jumped on the opportunity.

I’ve been on the coaching side of this gig, now it was time to take the coachee seat. I want to grow and transform, and I’m ready to get dirty to do that. I’ll be blogging about my time working with Lauren. I’ll share what it’s like to work with a health coach and to go through a holistic health coaching program, and specifically, what our sessions are like, what I’m learning, and how my life is changing, on the day-to-day level as well as big-scale transformation.

But, I am a health coach, so, why do I want to work with a health coach?

About six years ago I started my journey towards eating/living healthy because I was looking to heal myself. With the help of my yoga practice, changing my diet towards real foods, hypnotherapy, lots of self-care, and positive affirmations, which basically rewire the brain, I’ve healed from my depression and sexual trauma, and I no longer punish my body by restricting/binging or cutting, thank goodness.

However, being my healthiest, happiest self, day in and day out, still presents challenges. I’ve just built the first layer of the foundation for a healthy, happy life but still have more grounding, balancing, and building to do. The greatest thing I hold onto is that health is a journey, not a destination, just like life, and holistic health is the vehicle for a full, long, and happy life.

Although I feel in a great place in my life – I actually love my body, career, home, and relationships, and I’m excited about the future! – I have some habits that I would like to replace with more supportive habits. I still sometimes reach for my phone in the morning before anything else. Netflix and chill can take up too much of my time and there are books waiting for me to read and write them. I also have some habits in my life I’m looking to really solidify or go deeper into, like my meditation practice and spending even more time outdoors. I’m relatively new to this whole food shopping/cooking for every meal gig as and am always looking for tips on yummy, nutritious, easy, meals. I’m also new in the entrepreneur and health coaching biz, so seeing a badass woman like Lauren at work is a great learning experience.

Basically, I need support and inspiration! Who doesn’t?!

Lauren and I met for our first session via Skype last week from our homes in Kansas City, MO and Athens, Greece. First impressions: Lauren is real, and she seemed cool as hell, a real badass B. Her presence felt strong, grounded, and loving. I felt I could share anything with her. I left our first session feeling uplifted, energized, and excited about making changes.

I’m excited to partner with Lauren and share with you my journey towards an even healthier, happier, and more balanced and grounded me!

Sending you love and support on your journey,




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