5 Ways A Health Coach Can Help You Change Your Life

What a health coach does is unique to each and every health coach, just like each and every client is unique to the health coach. So, I am speaking for myself right now.

As a health coach I work with women who are in a battle with food or themselves and struggle to maintain a healthy diet, lifestyle, or loving relationship with their body. Together we break down negative, destructive habits and ways of thinking and replace them with loving, healthy, and trusting ones that support your healthiest, happiest you. If you struggle with low self-esteem, a lack of self-love, uncontrollable cravings, anxiety around eating, constant dieting with no results, extreme weight fluctuations, a hard time staying balanced in life, or are just overall confused about how to eat and exercise right for you, then I’m the right health coach for you.

For any and every problem you have, there’s a health coach available to assist you, even along side your doctor or other medical professionals. So, if what I’m putting out there is not what you need towards your journey towards health, that’s no problem at all. There’s another health coach out there who specializes in exactly what you need.

Why should you partner with a health coach to begin with? Here are 5 reasons why…

(1) Health Coaches are your literal coaches towards your health and life dreams. Your health coach is on the sideline of your journey towards your happiest, healthiest self. We help you strategize and get your offense and defense together; we watch you try, cheer you on, help you when you get knocked down, and give you any other support you may need. We’re your coach and we want you to succeed and reach all your goals. Your win is our win. You’re more likely to succeed if you have a coach assisting you one-on-one. It’s an investment work thinking about – your health and life are serious business.

(2) Health Coaches provide you with accountability. Sometimes it’s harder to keep our promises to ourselves than to other people. We make personal goals but easily abandon or forget about them. Nothing goes noticed by others so no big deal, but also nothing changes in your life, which could be a big deal especially in the long run. If you want to stick to the promises you make to yourself, reach your goals, and achieve the life you dream of, a health coach will provide you with the accountability you want and need in order to succeed. 

(3) Health Coaches are holistic. We won’t hand you a piece of paper with a specific diet on it for you to follow. We’ll talk about and explore the foods you eat, no doubt. But health isn’t just about food; the foods we eat are most often influenced by other aspects of our life – career, physical activity, relationships, creativity, finances, social life, joy, spirituality, home environment, home cooking, health and education. So, we cover food, but we cover a lot more to get to the root of your concerns, issues, and patterns. The goal here is not a quick-fix solution like a pill or crash-diet. The goal is for you to learn how to best support your healthiest, happiest self in a sustainable way.

(4) Health Coaches listen to you. You are the expert on you. Your body and intuition know what’s best for you. Your health coach will help you learn to come into a conversation with your body so that you aren’t dependent on anyone else for your health. Health is innate in each and every one of us and a health coach helps you learn to tune into that. We provide a safe space for you to explore, try new things, talk, share, cry, be silent, be happy, and be whatever it is you are feeling. You get to be real; you get to be you.

(5) Health Coaches provide you with tools for life. This doesn’t mean you’re paying them for life, unless you always want a health coach by your side, then by all means go ahead. What I mean is that your health coach will give you tools for a healthy life that will last a lifetime; no diets to get back onto and no pills to refill (we aren’t doctors, at least I’m no, so we can’t prescribe medication anyway). Changing your body and life takes time, patience and dedication and your health coach will assist you in committing to and achieving your goals. How long you will need a health coach is unique to you and up to you, but the tools you acquire during your time with your coach will last you forever.

Are you thinking a health coach might be for you? If you’re interested in the work I do, I’m offering you, my beloved reader, a free 1-hr consultation. E-mail me at thornewellness@gmail.com letting me know your name and that you want to check out the holistic health-coaching program. We’ll set up a day and time either in person (available in Athens, Greece), or via Skype, and all for free. If you’re considering a health coach and want a recommendation for someone who would best suit your needs, I’m here for you too, I know the best of them. Holler at me here.

Sending you love and support on your journey,



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