It Ain’t About Your Weight! A Recovering Weight Addicts Take On Health

Health and beauty aren’t all about your weight. Yes, it’s true. Read that again. I didn’t believe it at first either. Five years ago I couldn’t conceive that something else mattered more than my weight. Even after I had that magical light bulb moment of this realization – aka after hearing and reading it over and over and over – it took so much time to rewire my brain into believing that the number on the scale really isn’t important.

Did you know it’s not always vital for a doctor to know the exact number on the scale and that you can actually ask if you can skip being weighed? Really. My sister sent me this article the other day. Give it a read, skim, or glance, and get back to me…

“It’s hard to think of weight as just another vital sign. But that’s what it is to your doctor.” If they must know, you can ask to do it blind if you prefer.

So, if the number on the scale isn’t important to your health and beauty, what is?

Think of your body as a garden. Know that your body is a garden. If it is fed with the best water and nutrients, pruned and taken care of, it will thrive. For your body, what’s important is the quality of the nutrients you give yourself as well as your self-care and maintenance, meaning moving your body.

You can see a healthy garden by looking at it, right? The same is true with the body. Just like a garden blooms, so can your body – your skin is clear and radiant, your nails and hair are strong, your eyes are bright, your joints don’t ache, your muscles are strong, your mind is clear, your sleep is deep, your energy doesn’t spike and crash throughout the day, and you feel good.

Isn’t that the whole point… to feel good?! If you’re feeling good, who gives a **** about how much you weight?

I don’t thinking weighing yourself is inherently bad. Not in the least. Check out an earlier blog, “To Scale Or Not To Scale?” It may help if you’re struggling with a guilt-ridden scaling obsession or wondering whether it’s beneficial to you or not.

So, let’s not attach to the number on the scale, to the idea that the number means something, that it defines who you are or how healthy and beautiful you are. Let it go.

What personally helped me let it go, since that’s much easier said that done, are POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS – “I love and accept myself. I am beautiful and strong” – in the morning, night and whenever I found myself think negatively about myself, which used to be basically all the time. Affirmations rewire your brain; they replace thoughts and beliefs you don’t want with the ones that you do. I still use affirmations because they’ve worked for me, but it was a slow process. Take it one day at a time, one moment at a time and trust in the journey.

Of course there is more to a happy, full life than just a healthy, blooming body. Health is holistic, including more than the body and connected to everything. But, the body can be a great starting place because it’s the home of your heart, mind and soul.

Beyond nutritious (and delicious!) foods and physical movement, true health and soul-beauty also include all that deep self-care goodness – real relationships, loving your job or finding a way to find some joy in it, fun hobbies, a loving home-life, laughter, connected spirituality, creativity and financial stability.

You don’t need to conquer them all today, this month, this year, next year, or whenever you think you “should” have something down. PLEASE REMEMBER: Take it one day at a time, one moment at a time, and trust in the journey.

Sending you love and support on your journey,



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