How To Get Unstuck

We’ve all felt stuck at different times in our lives, from an off day to an off year or even longer. Maybe you’ve felt stuck in your job or in a relationship; maybe you’ve been stuck creatively, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically or all of the above. I’ve been there. In fact, I started writing this blog post on being stuck because I am feeling stuck in my writing!

It’s so frustrating, isn’t it, feeling stuck? You feel low, unmoving energy and a lack of motivation and focus. Comfort creeps its way into your life and little by little it takes over your decisions. It’s so small at first, you may not even realize you’re stuck until you get a spark of inspiration but can’t get the momentum to move forward with it. Comfort can be like a drug – the more you get the more you want and it can take over and destroy your life.

It makes it worse when you remember the times your energy was high and flowing, focused and driven; the times you leaped at the chance for a challenge, to break new grounds and create something new.

It’s like the difference of being on top of the mountain gazing over your accomplished climb and surveying a birds eye view of the glorious mountain range, verses being in the hiking parking lot, waiting in the car with the radio and heating on while you wait for the other to return. Sure the car is safe, warm, familiar and it takes a lot of freaking work to climb a mountain, but the mountain is what life is about.

But, what do you do when you’re not feeling it? What do you do when you know you want something but just can’t get motivated?

Do something, anything, take an action and get a little uncomfortable again.  

Try something. It can be completely unrelated to your goal, but do something. Get out of the house. Walk, maybe in a new direction and with no end in mind. Try a new café. Try a new exercise. Cook a new recipe. Find some nature to hang out in. Talk to a friend. Talk to a stranger. Try, do and act because objects in motion stay in motion.

If you’re not putting anything out into the universe you’re not going to get something back. So put something out there! Anything. It doesn’t have to be good. You just have to do it. Inspiration will come; you have to be alert to see it and active to go with it.

That’s what helps me and that’s what I’ve got for you, my friends. Now, I’d love to hear from you! How do you handle being stuck and what helps you when you feel stuck? Do you thrive on being uncomfortable or do you avoid it at any cost?

Sending you love and support on your journey,




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