Chumbawamba and Aaliyah Lyrics Are My Mottos For Success

We’re already over a month into 2017. How’s the start of your year been?

Each year seems to go by faster as my years on earth increase and there always seems so be this unnecessary pressure come January to get all of my sh*t together. So I’ve been working on getting my sh*t all nice and tidy last month. Some of it has gone well, some not so well…

I’ve been hard-core dreaming of leading a peaceful, relaxing yoga and adventure retreat here in Greece for years. In the past two years I’ve tried planning three different retreats and none of them have come to fruition. I tired and I flopped, so I tried again and I flopped again. Then I tried again harder and yes, you guessed it, then I flopped harder.

And you know what’s going to happen next? I’m going to dust myself of and try again. “Cause if at first you don’t succeed. You can dust it off and try again. Dust yourself and try again, try again.” Sing it with me because that’s what will lead to success.

It’s not a failure to get knocked down or change courses. What is a failure is staying down and never getting back up after you’re knocked out. Getting knocked down is part of success; it means you got up in the first place and tried something. When you try something, you gain experience and if you learn some lessons, then I would say it’s a major success! It also doesn’t hurt if you were having fun along the way, too.

I’ve been knocked down a bunch! I used to get that nasty voice inside my head saying my dream is never going to happen, I’m such a failure or I’ll never be like so-and-so. Luckily, I’ve learned to quiet that voice and stop comparing with the help of meditation, affirmations and yoga. Now I listen to the kind, loving, truthful voice telling me brava for giving it my best and to keep at it.

So, I got knocked down a third time in the retreat endeavor but I’m up again and no one is going to keep me from leading a yoga retreat one day. “I get knocked down, but I get up again. You’re never gonna keep me down! I get knocked down, but I get up again! You’re never gonna keep me down…” Sing it with me now! Sing it all along your path to your dreams.

I know I’m cheesin’ it today with some Chumbawamba and Aaliyah lyrics but they’re just so kick-ass true and uplifting.

To leave you, I’ll share with you what has been most encouraging to me on the journey towards my dreams. It’s this belief that has helped me with all the route changes and paths shifts. It’s the belief that the universe – maybe that’s God or another deity for you – has the perfect plan for my future; everything happens in its time as it’s meant to. Even if I can’t see, feel or understand that, I hold onto the belief.

I also hold onto the belief for you and your dreams. If you’re looking for support in reaching your goals, I’m offering you a free holistic health coaching consultation where we will work together to help you have a life you love! Simply send me an e-mail at

Sending you love and support on your journey,



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