3 Simple Tools To Effectively Handle NOT.MY.President, Donald Trump

It’s been 11 days since Trump took office. I don’t know how you’re processing and handling what’s going on. Maybe you’ve felt a little like me, like you’re on an alternate universe rollercoaster of extreme anger, sadness and fear.

I’ve realized something, though, that sadness and fear immobilize me, but anger fuels me.

I’m fueled by the fact that green card holders were handcuffed and denied US access only because they were Muslim, that 100 people were detained at US airports over the weekend, that men are still making decisions involving women’s bodies, that the Keystone XL Pipeline and Dakota Access Pipelines run through the country destroying sacred lands and our mother earth, that a wall will be build amongst borders instead of helpings hands reaching out, that military funding is increasing while people are starving and schools are struggling, that funds are being cut from sanctuary cities, that new vetting measures are being used to keep out people from “terror-prone” places, that women, people of color and LGBQT are still fighting for their rights and that a man who claims to be my president is a malignant narcissist filled with hate for anyone who is not a white man.


We can’t turn a blind eye to evil because of a little good (if there is any…). We cannot give a chance to a man who wants to suppress human rights and destroy the earth we live on.


Let anger spur you into action, peaceful action, of course. I live in Greece so there’s a part of me that feels too far away to make an impact. Let me tell you if you feel that way, it’s wrong! There are online petitions to sign, peaceful protests all over the world, money to be donated and refugees, homeless and hungry people looking for help everywhere. There’s always something to do. A peaceful, loving world starts in a peaceful, loving soul and home.

Feel for other people. Men need to fight for women, white people need to fight for black people and straight people need to fight for gay people. If you think because something doesn’t affect you directly then it’s not your problem, you’re wrong. Sorry, not sorry, to be the one to have to tell you, but you are apart of the problem. We are fighting for human rights. We are trying to save our planet for our future generations. We all are connected and we need to stand together to win. Don’t wait until it’s your rights taken away to fight for human rights.

Keep hope alive. I’ve been in awe of the women’s marches around the world and all the people protesting for what they believe in. The women’s marches took my breath away. It was a giant fire that we need to keep flaming. It gave me so much hope. When I’m tired of being angry, when I’m depressed over the state of the world, it’s hope that keeps me moving forward. We need to keep hope in the power of our voices, in our power as individuals and our power as a united front.

Bravo to all of you out there marching, protesting, signing petitions, making calls, donating money, reaching out a helping hand and spreading love instead of hate.

Sending you love, support + hope on your journey,



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