Why Baby Steps Are Your New Best Friend

After I finished my first yoga training, I got a lot of questions like, “Are you going to open your own studio?” My would follow truthfully with something like, “I don’t know. Maybe one day.”

I had just completed 200 hours, which in the grand scheme of training to be a yoga teacher, is the bare minimum. I was still practicing with family and friends. I couldn’t focus on or even dream of opening a studio when I was focusing on and dreaming of getting one client. I knew it took time to build up references and street cred. I wasn’t even sure if owning my own studio was my ultimate goal and I was okay with that.

Dreams and goals don’t come to fruition in one step, especially the big ones. They wouldn’t be so dreamy if they did. Dreams become reality after taking step after step after step after step after step after step… you get the picture… to get there.

Accomplishing anything of value takes baby steps and starting small. If your dream is to win the lottery, you have to go buy a ticket and continue to do so until you win. If you want to make your community and the world a better place, you have to start with your own home with those closest to you. If you want sick abs, you have to make the time to strengthen them daily.

I haven’t shared this with many people; I have a dream of writing a book and I’ve started! A book does not come to fruition in one try, at least in my limited experience. My book is coming to life only when I take the step to sit down and write, and write some more, delete some and write again. Making wishes or visualizing won’t complete it. Although it is helpful to imagine, it’s coming to life with each action I take towards completely it. I’m not sure if or how I want to share it, but if I don’t take the baby steps to finish it, I won’t be in the position to figure out how I want to publish it. For now, I’m focused on finishing.

It’s great to have goals and dream big. It’s rare to know what you want. If you do, baby steps are the way getting there. Maybe you’re not sure of your ultimate goal. That’s okay and totally normal. If that’s the case, please don’t fret; baby steps are still your best friends. What matters is that you stay in action and keep moving forward, even in the face of uncertainty. You simply have to start with something small. Don’t let uncertainty paralyze you into inaction.

Maybe you look down your path and see a big question mark. You’re not alone; I’ve been there and still have many in my life. Part of life will always be a questions mark. The important thing is to keep taking steps forward because that questions mark will eventually become a clear picture. If you stay in action, you will create something, even if that something is a failure; it will show you what didn’t work and can guide you on a new path that possibly will.

Baby steps take patience and dedication; it’s not easy but the other alternative is giving up. The choice is yours.

 Even if you have a detailed plan and time schedule for your dream, it could take years or even a lifetime. You could be bumped off the path completely. Maybe you even have to completely readjust your plan or come up with a new dream all together.

When you’re taking one step at a time, the path ahead can shift or change either from your own doing or from outside forces. You may get frustrated if you don’t think things are unfolding or changing in your favor. That’s where patience comes back into play; maybe it takes time to see anything in your favor appear. I like to see baby steps as allowing the universe or God take play it’s hand. How you choose to look at things is also your choice.

I love to hear from you so we can support each towards our dreams. What baby steps are you taking to reach your goals? What goals have you accomplished with millions of baby steps? How do you look at your failures?


Sending you love and support on your journey in this new year,






3 thoughts on “Why Baby Steps Are Your New Best Friend

  1. This is so amazing Becca ❤ If I could i would hug you right now, and for sure I am reading your book when you release it.
    There is alot of truth in what you write, about changing your goals or intetions so much you want to
    My step by step dream is to travel to Greece this fall to join the 500hr education with all you guys.
    Im saving like crazy so I can join.( thats why I havent contacted you about the foodplan yet, coz every leftover money have to go into my saving up for greece ❤ ) But I am really living, in between. I was so lucky that I could work with what I love, so Yoga is my life even if it is in the gym. I get to practise my teaching every day. Hoping so to see you if I come to Greece ❤


    1. Yvonne, I’m hugging you back!
      Thank you for your kind words AND for sharing your goal and action steps.
      I LOVE your dream and know I will be with you again in Greece.
      I love hearing that spending less and saving more isn’t stopping you from really living and loving your life. Whatever gets you towards your goals enhances your life. Keep up your beautiful yoga practice and being a light to others.
      I’ll see you back in Greece one day ❤
      lots of love


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