Good-Bye 2016. Hello 2017.

In a recent blog post of mine, I shared 3 questions that Marie Forleo, one of my favorite career and life inspirations, poses in her video. Here’s the link…

Your A’s to Marie’s 3 powerful year in review Q’s will set you up for a great year ahead and give a positive end to your 2016. I encourage you to watch the whole video for Marie’s great insights and follow up, but I’ll give you the 3 Q’s again here…

  • What did you do, create or experience this year that you are really proud of?
  • What mistakes did you make that taught you something or what lessons did you learn that you could leverage? So, what didn’t go so well and how can you grow?
  • What are you willing to let go of?

Take some time to reflect and journal about your A’s to these Q’s. It feels really good to do. If you want to take this to another level, put what you’re proud of, your mistakes and lessons learned and what you’re letting go of out into the universe. Meaning, share them with someone else, someone safe who can provide support, accountability and celebration. That is exactly what I am going to do with you; here are my A’s to Marie’s Q’s…

I am really proud of…

Graduating from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and becoming a holistic health coach! Starting my coaching and yoga business, Thorne Wellness: Your Healthiest, Strongest You! Leading 2 health workshops. Writing my blog. Completing 235 more hours of yoga training in Yin Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga. Being a yoga teacher at Maya YogaShala. Using some Greek in my yoga class. Creating my website. Creating my business cards. Starting writing my first book (details to come!). My relationships.

I’ve made too many to list here, but here are 3 mistakes and what I’ve learned…

#1. Taking The Defensive, Letting The Ego Take Control – It has negatively affected my relationships so it’s something I really worked on this year. When I’m defensive I’m not moving from a place of love and it blocks me from seeing love come my way. I don’t listen and instead plan what I’m going to say while waiting to talk. Which leads me to…

#2. Talking Before Listening – I have been working on this a lot since studying to become a health coach. It takes conscious breathing; focusing on the breath moving in and out of your body which allows you to be conscious in the present moment and hear what the other person is saying, instead of thinking a response while the other is talking. This has helped me not only become a better listener but also not give into my ego when it wants to take control.

 #3. Reacting Emotionally – This goes hand-in-hand with being defensive and talking before listening. The good news is that conscious breathing helps with this, too, because it calms the nervous system and allows you to be able to sit through the uncomfortable emotions without reacting. When you do this, the feeling is neither stuffed down nor given control, which both lead to suffering. Instead, it offers an invitation to that feeling to have a seat at your table, which you can are at the head of, so you can acknowledge it instead of stuff it, and keep control the control instead of pass it over.

As Shunryu Suzuki said, “Leave your front door and your back door open. Allow your thoughts to come and go. Just don’t serve them tea.”

I am willing to let go of…

My defensive ego, anger, trying to please others or control what is out of my power, attachments to people and expectations of others, past hurts, stress, fear, 2016.


What about you?! I would love to hear your A’s to these Q’s. Please share in the comment section below. Let’s support each other as we move into the New Year! I’ll see you in 2017!


Sending love and support on your journey,




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