A New Year’s Love Letter + 4 Powerful Questions For A Successful + Loving End + Start Of The Year

2016 is quickly coming to a close and we will soon be ringing in 2017! Maybe this excites you or maybe it scares the pants off of you. In that case, you should buy a belt… Crickets… laugher… or an indifference to my corny humor as well as the New Year?

If you look back at your year sulking in all the ways you royally failed, remembering the things you did not achieve, the pounds you did not lose or whatever it is that got you down in the dumps, then I completely understand why you’re not pumped for the new year.

Maybe you’re figuring out all the ways you will kick you’re ass into gear and make some changes come January 1st. I don’t know how that works out for you, but I’ve entered my New Year like that many times; it usually ends up with me waking up anxiously, many a times hung-over, feeling a massive load on my back instead of the readiness and excitement I dreamed of for the first day of my new year.

The creator of Our Nourished Table, Amy Gartenberg, my beloved friend and my vinyasa + vino partner – yoga + wine, not the other way around – wrote a beautiful love letter and plea that she hopes we can take on into our new year. (I’ve attached the link at the end of my blog and highly recommend the time to read it, as well as all of her writings.)

Amy poses a question: What if in 2017 you decided to stop paying and set yourself free instead?

You can stay stuck in your past failures, kicking and beating yourself to reach your goals, punishing yourself for your mistakes or you can use your mistakes, supporting and cheering yourself on towards your truest, best you. Doesn’t the latter sounds much better?

Someone who can let go of anything that is holding her back – fear, anger, past hurts, shame, guilt – celebrate herself and her victories and learn from her mistakes, sounds like a free woman to me and someone I strive to be and be around.

In order to help with this, I’ve included a link to a short video by Marie Forleo, one of my favorite career and life inspirations. (The link to the video is also at the bottom of the blog.) Your answers to Marie’s “3 powerful year in review questions that will set you up for a great year ahead” can give a positive end to your 2016. I encourage you to watch the whole video for Marie’s great insights and follow up, but I’ll give you the 3 Q’s here…

(1) What did you do, create or experience this year that you are really proud of? (2) What mistakes did you make that taught you something or what lessons did you learn that you can leverage? So, what didn’t go so well and how can you grow? (3) What are you willing to let go of?

It feels good to answer those and be honest with yourself, yeah? The New Year is a wonderful time to “start new” and make changes in your life; to take inventory, set goals, work towards achieving goals and be the truest version of yourself you can be. The great news is every new sun gives you the chance to do exactly that.

One of the many reasons I love the Sun Salutations in Yoga, Series A + B, is that they are really a gratitude practice towards the sun and your life. Yes, they do the job of warming up the body and spine with foreword folds, chest (<3) openers, extensions and core. But, beyond that it’s a time for giving thanks to the sun for giving life; for being alive on a new day; for being able to breathe and be present in your body.

As Amy says at the end of her love letter, let’s make 2017 the year we come home.

Sending love and support on your journey,


Marie Forleo video:


Amy Gartenberg’s New Year Love Letter:



4 thoughts on “A New Year’s Love Letter + 4 Powerful Questions For A Successful + Loving End + Start Of The Year

  1. Ahh the new year, that time where we set up new intentions and then meet them again, unaccomplished, 12 months later… haha
    I think for me, I just want to enter the new year with an open heart, to whatever this year will bring 🙂 lots of love 💖


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