What To Do When No Diet Seems To Work


The word diet is frightening. It has the word die in it… so let’s not even call what we want to achieve “dieting”. Most diets either fail with a hard plunge back into old, unhealthy ways or the weight is slowly gained back over time. Why?

Diets are not sustainable and are usually filled with restricting, cheating, binging, guilt, punishments and no results. I’ve been there; it’s an exhausting and sad way to live. So how about we get off the crazy dieting rollercoaster? Raise those hands and say good-bye to diets once and for all!

Regardless of what we call it or how we do it, though, I know that it’s hard and frustrating to lose weight. It takes changing of habits, sweat and maybe some tears. But let’s not let change, sweat or tears stop us, because lovingly building a healthy and sustainable way of eating and living is a beautiful way to move through the world.

Hopefully if you want to lose weight, you want to do it for you, to feel better in your skin and maybe your clothes. Maybe you want to lose weight to stay around longer for your loved ones. No matter your reason, I hope it’s also based in love for yourself. Losing a certain amount of weight won’t make you finally fall in love with your body nor make someone else fall in love with you. If you don’t love and listen to your body during the process of losing weight, you won’t magically establish self-love once you hit your weight goal. However, if your process of losing weight is a kind and fun one, full of taking care of your body, moving it and feeding it well, then you will probably fall more in love with yourself and your body along the way. And, if you are in a relationship or enter into a relationship, an unconditional love for yourself is foundational. Not to mention, having a loving relationship with your body (at every weight) can also help in bed.

So, you’ve ditched the crazy dieting rollercoaster. Congratulations! What now? Focus on building a sustainable and healthy way of eating and moving your body that’s full of love and self-care. That sounds much nicer and more fun than dieting, right? Maybe you’re thinking, “Well, yeah, Becca, that sounds nice, but it’s easier said than done. How do I do that?” Check out my blog “Building a Guilt-Free, Nutritious + Sustainable Diet.” I talk all about finding your food bio-individuality, exploring a 90/10 or 80/20 diet and learning to let go of guilt around what you eat.

If you read this far and you are looking for help around any of these areas – ditching your diets, figuring out and exploring a way of eating that is right for you, finding your bio-individual diet or dealing with guilt or negative feelings around eating – I am here for you because I’ve been through it and I am offering YOU, my beloved, beautiful reader, a FREE health coaching consultation. If you want your FREE session, e-mail me today at thornewellness@gmail.com.


Sending love and support on your journey,



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