To Scale Or Not To Scale?

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Have you sworn off your scale and ever weighing yourself ever again? Do you sneak a peak when you find a scale in your friend’s home? Or do you live daily by your scale, using it to keep you in check?

Whatever your relationship is with your scale, or lack there of, it is important to look into the feelings you have towards weighing yourself and the number that appears on the scale. I do not think there is a right way here, but that there is a healthy decision for you personally in this time of your life.

I lost forty pounds over the past five years and when I was actively working on losing weight by exercising and turning to whole foods, using a scale helped me see and understand what foods and how much I was eating supported the weight I wanted to be at. The healthier I became the more I moved my body, the more the numbers dropped and more importantly, the better I felt. Checking in on a scale allowed me to celebrate milestones, reach a specific goal and stay at a consistent weight.

By seeing my fluctuations on the scale I started to understand more about my body – the natural weight gain during my cycle – as well as my emotions and cravings. When I turned to unhealthy sugar cravings – processed cookies and desserts – I fluctuated more than when I ate natural, healthy sugars – honey and dark chocolate. Sugar is not inherently bad; natural sugars in healthy amounts are good for the heart and soul. When I dug deeper into what my cravings for endless cookies were actually telling me, I realized they were cravings for cuddles, love and/or sex. Eating a whole box of cookies only fills your stomach, not your heart; it is not a cry for stronger will-power but for something else missing in your life. (I’ll talk about the world of cravings another week).

So, hitting the scale once a week, a few times a week or even daily may be helpful to you if you are trying to lose weight or stay out of extreme fluctuations. But, maybe it is not. Maybe you feel too controlled by a silly number and that is okay. Again, it is unique to you. Here is the important part, the number of your weight means nothing compared to how you are feeling about your body and yourself.

When I reached my weight goal I celebrated by buying some new fitting clothes, but nothing changed inside of me. How much you love your body and your self-confidence, those are internal workings. For me, they strengthened with affirmations, moving my body, strengthening my core physically, mentally and emotionally (see blog “Building Your Core Inside Out,”), living authentically and eating healthy, whole, real foods.

Before you get on the scale, check in with yourself and ask, “How do I feel today physically? How do I feel about myself?” Are you energized, strong in your center and full of love for your body and yourself? That is worlds more important than if you are 140 verses 142 lbs. Your love for you body will not appear at a certain number on your scale. It starts right now, wherever you are, by telling yourself over and over, “I love myself. I love and honor my body.”

I would LOVE to hear from you! Do you weigh yourself or have you sworn it off? Has it been helpful for you or a hindrance in how you feel about yourself? I love hearing your story.

If you want help around any of these areas of your life – losing weight, maintaining your weight, managing extreme fluctuations, loving your body, loving yourself, understanding your cravings, finding what foods and exercise but support you – e-mail me at for a free one hour health coaching consultation and we can talk about it.


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6 thoughts on “To Scale Or Not To Scale?

  1. Ahhh, the scale! Either your friend or you enemy haha I love what you said about the fact that our love for our bodies is not defined by the number on the scale.
    No scale for me, I feel free without it. (I used to be a chronic scaler, though…). Lots of love ❤

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    1. Freedom is what’s most important and I’m glad you know what supports you in that. Now, I’m still a scaler, but always must remember that it’s about how I am feeling physically and emotionally. Who knows when/if my scaling days will change. Bio-individuality! Lots of Love to you, Ana!

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  2. Very nice article Becca! You are absolutely right!You are not happier even if you loose a’thousand’ of kilos if you are not peaceful and fine with yourself! This is exactly that you said “the number of your weight means nothing compared to how you are feeling about your body and yourself”. I was not happier when I lost some kgs that I believed that it was so important for me. Now I ‘m more balanced (yoga helps a lot in this)! :))


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