Nature In The City


A sea of buildings floods the city Athens, Greece. I stood on the rooftop of my apartment with sea to the west, mountains to the east and millions of people cramped together in between. I daydreamed of how lovely this land would be if there was nothing here and no one else here. I crave the peaceful sounds of nature and a time when I am no longer awaken by the hustle and bustle of the city people, when I can go out onto my balcony and see no evidence of human life.

Does that sound dramatic? I would miss my people, my tribe and nights out in this ancient, glorious city, but this daydream revealed what my soul desires: nature, solitude and peace. I knew that I needed to slow down, reconnect with myself and prioritize making my desires be my reality and my needs a practice. I am happier and can give more to others when I am full of those qualities. I want my spiritual desires to take precedent to my earthly desires. After all, we are all spiritual beings in a material world.

So, how do you go about finding some nature, solitude and peace in the city? We cannot all simply uproot our lives and move to an island. So, you have to search for it; you have to go out of your way for it. If you crave it enough, you will not let anything stop you.

When I walk through the city my eyes look for any small amount of nature – patches of grass and all kinds of trees or flowers. I let my mind and senses be taken over by them, taking in the look, color, smell and feel. When I have my headphones in, sunglasses on and am admiring a perfect piece a nature, a calm takes over me, even if I am also surround by honking taxis, loud tram lines and screaming Greeks.

It also helps to plan getaways. It is so refreshing taking drives out of the city and spending time at the beach. Even a couple hours away feels like a small vacation and refreshes my soul. For longer travels, I save money, plan trips to the islands and count down the days until the time comes to board the ferry and hit the sea.

There are many ways to find some peace and connect to nature in the city, but the most important thing in order for your soul to take in what it needs is for you to be present. Be in that moment; breathe it in, smile it in and let it fuel your soul and heart to keep you connected and calm throughout the day. If you are not present, you will miss the beauty and stillness the soul desires. 

So, tell me about you! Do you live in a city or are you surrounded by nature? What does your soul desire? How do you find ways to connect to nature or find peace and stillness amongst a busy life? I love to hear from you.

Sending you love and support on your journey,



2 thoughts on “Nature In The City

  1. Beautiful post about your love for nature 🙂 I love how you kept those values and still appreciate the grounding effect of nature, even if you’re living in a busy city. I can totally relate, and as we were saying today, nature is an essential part of my life that keeps me balanced. So as you already know, for me being nature is taking walks in the forest or attending a donkey’s castration. Either works fine haha loads of love beautiful girl! 💖

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