Wait, I Thought You Were Vegan…?

Throughout my life I have been an omnivore, vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan. I loved these periods of my life but at times I felt restrained and defined by my diet. The reason for my diet is not to proudly claim a label but to feel my best so I can live my life to my fullest. I want food to make me healthy and happy, not restrict or kill me. For me, food is fuel but it is also love, celebration, connection, happiness, and gratitude.

Studying at The School of Integrative Nutrition this year has allowed me to explore my personal, unique diet, which I call the Becca Diet. It changes based on where I live, the season, my age, my physical activity, when and where I’m traveling on holiday and sometimes still, even my emotions, whether they be joyous or sad.

I was introduced to the 90/10 diet: 90% of the time you eat your healthiest diet and 10% of the time you eat exactly what you are craving or wanting. Later, I had a friend tell me she was on the 80/20 diet and a little later, another said she was more about that 50/50 life. These women are healthy, happy and draw people in. I love their outlook. Slowly, with these variations on my Becca Diet, I have been able to let go of extremities, anxiety and guilt around food.

My goal is to follow my gut, not a regime. I now trust myself to listen to exactly what my body needs. It took quieting of my mind with meditation, lots of time and one small act of kindness for myself after another. Our bodies are perfect systems – we are animals after all – and health is innate in all of us.

Truth is, right now in my life, I feel best on a Mediterranean, mostly pescatarian diet. I will not deny a Greek woman’s home-cooked meat on a holy holiday and I will also have an In’n’Out burger when I travel home to LA. I try to eat mostly home-cooked foods and am blessed to have a partner with a green thumb who grows our very own veggies. I happily eat the wonderful cheese of Greece but not every day or in big intakes. I do not deny myself dark chocolate and honey and I must have ice cream on summer vacations. I responsibly enjoy alcohol and a cheeky spliff, too. It’s all about the quality and quantity and, most importantly, being able to celebrate special occasions with merriment and mirth.

Yiamas! Cheers!

Sending you love on your journey,



4 thoughts on “Wait, I Thought You Were Vegan…?

  1. Love it! The Becca Diet. Sounds like such a healthy and balanced attitude towards food. And yummy too. I like your respect for others’ who have different ways of eating too.


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